President's Message - Diane Graves-Smith
August 2003

To my fellow Master Naturalists -

The calendar says it's still summer. The thermometer says it's still summer. Baseball is still in full swing. But there they are - school supplies in all the stores. Can fall be far behind?

Fall is when our chapter gets ready for a change in Officers and the Board of Directors. Before everyone cringes and goes to the next page, let me say that we have achieved a nice balance of duties where none of the positions are overwhelming. In addition, much of the ground-laying work is now completed. The articles of Incorporation are complete; the Chapter bylaws, policies and guidelines are complete; the 501c3 application is awaiting approval; the web site is complete and up-to-date; the records are maintained in a database; our financial situation is healthy; we are starting to get newspaper coverage; and we are getting requests from other groups for speakers. I think we can all be proud of our accomplishments.

There is, however, a certain level of investment needed to keep an organization like ours healthy and active. Please consider offering your services to help out with chapter management. If you or someone in our chapter you know are/is willing to participate, please contact our Nominating Committee. I am happy to announce a top notch Nominating Committee this year: Molly Hollar, Marsha McLaughlin and Henry Turner. Any of these folks would be happy to talk to you about what positions are open.

Well, I don't care what the retailer's say. I'm going to continue to enjoy the summer.

Diane Graves Smith

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